Summer is here and what better time to showcase some of our new designs than with the gorgeous backdrop of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Sabina Jewelry is a Steamboat Springs based company and this shoot is all about celebrating the beautiful town we call home, starting with our photographer Crystal Brindle of Crystal Brindle Photography who is extremely talented and an absolute joy to work with, to our beautiful Steamboat Springs models: Ashley Spitellie and Angela Sherwood; and right down to the products themselves which are handmade here in Steamboat by the Sabina Sisters, Sita and Ea.

Photo 1: Features Ashley Spitellie laying in the grass wearing 1. Wrapped gold earrings from the Build Your Own Earrings line.

Photo 2: Features Ashley Spitellie leaning against a barn wearing 1. Lucky Horseshoe Necklace 2. Double Infinity Hoop Earrings (Coming Soon!) 3. Hammered Stack Rings 4. Hammered Chevron Ring 5. Hammered Bangle 6.Hammered Puka Shell Bangle 7. Hammered Cone Shell Bangle.

Photo 3: Features Angela Sherwood laying down on a log wearing 1. Double Infinity Teardrop Earrings (Coming Soon!). 2. Chevron Necklace in medium (Coming Soon!).

Photo 4: Features Ashley Spitellie leaning up against some barn wood wearing. 1. Double Infinity Hoop Earrings (Coming Soon!). 2. Lucky Horseshoe Necklace 2. The “Pure” Crystal Necklace (Coming Soon!) 3. Hammered Bar Necklace (Coming Soon!).

Photo 5: Features Ashley Spitellie with her hand on her hip wearing 1. Hammered Stack Rings 2. Hammered Chevron Ring 3. Hammered Bangle 4..Hammered Puka Shell Bangle 5. Hammered Cone Shell Bangle.

Photo 6: Features Ashley Spitellie nestled in branches wearing 1. Small Chevron Necklace (Coming Soon!) 2.  Earrings in Iolite from the Build Your Own Earrings line.

Photo 7: Features Angela Sherwood against a brown barn wearing 1. Gold wrapped large hoops with small Carnelian drop interior hoops from the Build Your Own Earrings line.

Photo 8: Features a side profile picture of Ashley Spitellie wearing 1. Citrine single drop earrings (from the Build Your Own Earrings) paired with 2. The “Trifecta” Earrings in Citrine (Coming Soon!).



Fall 2014 Photoshoot

The photo shoot that started it all! This was the very first photo shoot to gather photos for our new website! Taken by the lovely and talented Hilary Spillane with Spillane Creative Photography. Models featured are Shannon Grasser and Ashlee Anderson as well as a handful of shots of the designers and creators of Sabina Jewelry, Sita Jacobson and Ea Moulton.


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