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Designer Favorites

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Bangles and Rings

Bangles and Rings - Bangles


Our bangles are all hand shaped and soldered. We offer 3 different sizes so that everyone can find the perfectly snug bangle that won’t come off the wrist unless it is intended to.

Beautiful on their own, but also remarkable worn as a set or added to any bangle or bracelet collection. Each charm has been hand selected and will be sure to impress.

Bangles and Rings - Rings


Our unique rings give you the opportunity to display your sense of style.

Perfect for everyday wear and also for those special occasions. Simple and elegant and the perfect addition to any outfit.

Whether you choose to build a collection from our wide variety of stack-rings (a personal favorite) or choose a ring on its own you are sure to find a piece that is just right.

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Necklaces - Staple Necklaces

Staple Necklaces

These are the pieces you never want to take off!

Designed to be worn daily no matter what the occasion or activity. Simple and elegant and a true staple to any wardrobe.

These Staple Necklaces are perfect for layering with other pieces in the collection but also make the perfect edition to any long Statement Necklace as well.

Get ready to fall in love with our most popular collection.

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Necklaces - Statement Necklaces

Statement Necklaces

Make a stylish statement with this collection.

Perfect for wearing on their own, but also make a magnificent layer addition to your favorite Staple Necklace.

Be sure to make a splash with these quintessential pieces.

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Earrings - Earrings


The perfect addition to any outfit is a great pair of earrings and don’t we know it!

Our earrings are alluring and elegant and perfectly feminine.

Each piece brilliantly sparkles with it’s hammered gold and silver texture and is surprisingly light in the ear.

From our simple stud earrings to our drop earrings there is certainly something for everyone.

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Earrings - Interchangeable Earrings

Interchangeable Earrings

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Interchangeable Jewelry

Interchangeable Jewelry

Our completely original and unique Interchangeable Jewelry collection is without a doubt jewelry design that goes outside the box. Inspired by a friend who lost a single earring one day and wanted it made into a necklace the idea was born.

Why can’t we have earrings that can be worn as necklaces and vice versa. From there the idea grew into earrings that can be worn multiple ways by adding different charms. What makes this collection possible is the special “interchangeable lever-back” (pictured below).

This leverback makes it possible to pair different charms together to make different styles of earrings. For example one set of earrings with two charms is really 3 sets of earrings as each charm can be worn on its own or add the two charms together. See example below.

Please watch instructional video here:

Once the concept is grasped please feel free to play around here to see what can be created.

Interchangeable earrings can also be made into necklaces by simply removing the interchangeable leverback and stringing the charm onto a chain.

“Interchangeable Jewelry” is perfect for traveling as daytime and evening styles can be created from just a few pieces. This line is also perfect for the creative shopper. We provide the tools and the rest is up to you. The possibilities/combinations are endless!

Interchangeable Jewelry - Earring Sets

Earring Sets

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Interchangeable Jewelry - Designer Sets

Designer Sets

Interchangeable Jewelry - Build Your Own Earrings

Build your Own Earring Sets

Use our “virtual builder” to create your own endless styles of earrings in our most unique and innovative “interchangeable line.” Mix and match your jewelry pieces to create a look that is just right. Using the interchangeable leverback; pieces can be added, removed or switched out to create whatever style you are going for. Have fun, get creative and leave the rest to us…

Click the link below to sample some of the possible combinations. Simply select a large charm and then a small charm and the photo will then update to preview the earring set.

Interchangeable Jewelry - Separates

Interchangeable Jewelry – Separates

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Interchangeable Jewelry - Essential Pieces

Interchangeable Jewelry – Essential Pieces

Interchangeable Jewelry - Interchangeable Essentials – Necklaces

Interchangeable Essentials – Necklaces

Interchangeable Jewelry - Interchangeable Essentials – Earrings

Interchangeable Essentials – Earrings


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